About us

Who We Are

BNW is one of the UK’s fastest growing, low-cost, and fixed-fee accountancy and taxation firms, based in London & Surrey, offering services across the UK and Europe. We provide high-quality accounting and taxation services with entrepreneurial aspirations. Our core essence lies in our highly professional staff with diversified experience from the top industry leading firms with a strong accountancy and taxation backgrounds.

Our vision is to bring the highest quality of services to the doorstep of small and medium-sized businesses, family-owned businesses, sole traders and self-employed individuals by ensuring value for money for our clients to help them progress and achieve their goals. We offer our customers highly professional, reliable and stress-free accounting and taxation services by working closely with them to understand their requirements and offer profitable advice.

Our team is encouraged to make a sustainable difference for clients while simultaneously ensuring that everyone has access to the knowledge and skills they need to be efficient in their relevant domains. We are committed to helping our clients unlock their true potential by providing them with business insights based on our knowledge, market research and multidimensional business experiences that we have built up over the years by working with the leading accountancy firms and their clients.

At BNW, we acknowledge that becoming profitable is the first objective of a business, therefore, we offer all our services at very competitive prices while at the same time ensuring that quality is never compromised. Our clients range from new businesses aiming for smooth start-ups, to fully established businesses looking for sustainable business growth.

We understand that running a business is challenging and time consuming therefore rather than you coming to us, we offer the service of sending over our business managers to you to save you time. Our business manager will help you choose the business structure designed specifically for your business which will help you achieve efficiency and help reduce costs.

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What we do

We offer a wide range of services including

  •      Bookkeeping,
  •      Preparation and filing of accounts & tax returns,
  •      PAYE,
  •      Dealing with the regulatory bodies on clients’ behalf,
  •      Company formation and Start-Ups
  •      VAT
  •      Business Secretarial services.
  •      Outsourcing
  •      Registered office address
  •      Business Account opening

Every year at the same time as your statutory accounts are prepared, we will prepare a report for you providing of your business insights that shows the areas where you can minimize the expenses, increase your earning and our advice on your future tax planning.

We offer a wide range of services including bookkeeping, preparation and filing of accounts & tax returns, PAYE, dealing with the regulatory bodies on clients’ behalf, company formation and all other Secretarial services. Along with these traditional accounting services, we also provide outsourcing solutions.

Our highly professional team is located in South Asia and can tailor various services to meet the needs of your business. We also provide asset management advice, technical help on the loan arrangements with financial institutions, and any other business related advice.

The Way we do

We work closely with our clients and keep ourselves engaged with our clients through formal and informal communications. This enables us to remain updated with our clients’ business, and also ensures that our clients are aware of the latest changes that may impact their business.

If you maintain bookkeeping yourself, we shortly after the year end we will help you collect the information we need from you, from where we able to produce draft accounts within a week, including calculation of your tax liability. Once the accounts are finalized and approved by you we submit them to the relevant departments.

If we maintain your bookkeeping, we will collect the documents from you at agreed intervals, our accountants summarize the information and provide you electronic copy of the records for your review and analysis, in this way you will know your business financials throughout the year and could plan the future strategies accordingly. At the year-end we will finalize the accounts and submit you draft accounts for approval, which once approved are submitted to relevant departments.

We are totally focused and committed to deliver best possible services through sustainable business performance. Our free ‘latest technical issue’ consolidates all the matters relevant to your business. Our free telephone and email services provide you the opportunity to ask us any question and free e-reminders! Ensure that you don’t miss important dates.

We don’t just sit back and prepare your accounts only at year end, we work with you throughout the year to provide you help with accounting matters, employee costs and payroll issues, tax planning, purchasing, inventory levels, VAT and any other matter where you require a professional advice.

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