Company Strike off

Company Strike off Know about Company Strike Off A company strike off is an action that an owner of a limited company takes to close the company by assuring that the company is debt-free and has no legal financial issues are going on. You can easily strike it off by letting the Companies House know about it.  Reasons to […]

Low Fee Accountants London

Low Fee Accountants London Low Fee Accountants London – How Much it Costs for Small Business A small business owner faces real challenges when the financial records are taken out for analysis. This is the situation when a small business owner requires to hire low fee accountants London. A limited company is owed to return taxes […]

Company Incorporation

Company Incorporation Common Mistakes To Avoid for Small Business Company Incorporation Accounting plays a crucial role in any business. Accountancy certifies the accuracy, clarity, and reliability to ensure the maximum yield and development of a business, accountants are very crucial. You may suffer problems or losses to a great extent if you take company incorporation matters lightly. […]

Self Assessment Tax Return

Self Assessment Tax Return Self Assessment Tax Return for sub contractors – 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid Self Assessment tax return is a document or form that every business honour sends to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) each year to report how much they have gained and from what sources. The self assessment tax return is a system on which […]

Tax Return Online

Tax Return Online Tax Return Online – Important Points to Note! If you are earning well from any business or job, then it becomes very essential for you to become a filer of an income tax return. BNW accountants will guide you with the acquisition of easiest methods and beneficial outcomes of corporation tax return online procedures. This little effort […]

VAT Return

VAT Return VAT Return and Margin Schemes for Second-Hand Goods VAT margin scheme ( nicknamed as Second Hand Goods Scheme). VAT registered traders use the VAT margin scheme to sell and purchase second-hand goods. It allows the seller of such goods in certain situations, to defray VAT to HMRC only on the difference between the […]

Construction Industry Scheme

Construction Industry Scheme Construction Industry Scheme and CIS Refund in a Limited Company Both the contractor and subcontractor must be a taxpayer. Contractor through his self employed form of business or through a limited company registered under the Construction Industry Scheme will have to deduct a certain percentage of amounts from the payment to their subcontractors. Subcontractors […]

Limited Company for Contractors

Limited Company for Contractors Limited Company for Contractors can be a Positive Move! Being a director of a company can be very stressful as well as very interesting. They can be enjoying their hefty incomes and profits being a director or a shareholder of a limited company. But setting up and running a company at the […]

Bookkeeping Services London

Bookkeeping Services London Bookkeeping Services London Course – 5 Ways to Improve your Career Becoming a bookkeeper is suitable for people are who have good computer knowledge and are good at math. If you have a career in bookkeeping services in London, then you can become a successful accountant in no time. Here are five ways […]

Accountants For Small Businesses

Accountants For Small Businesses How to Run Accountants for Small Businesses Running small businesses can be tricky for someone who is not familiar with the HMRC rules and regulations.  The cost of starting up a small business in London is not too high but can vary on the location of your requirements for the physical […]