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Contractors - Tax Deductible Expenses as a - What You Can Claim

Accountant for Contractor Tax Deductible Expenses to Claim

When you are a freelance accountant for a contractor you will incur certain costs. Some of these can be claimed before taxes are applied – i.e. they are ‘tax-deductible’. It is therefore important that as a contractor, you know what counts as a valid expense, so you can keep your tax bill as low as […]

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Contractor Accounting - Tax on Dividends

Contractor Accounting – Tax on Dividends

Most contractor accounting operating a limited company will pay themselves a mixture of a salary and dividends, as this allows them to make considerable tax savings. Dividends are payments made to the shareholders of a company – which, in the case of your limited company, generally means you alone. Dividends themselves are not tax-free; they […]

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